sunnuntai 2. elokuuta 2015

Basics about reaching for finery

Finery like arts and women's things presupposes that you do the everyday basic level ok: with healthy mind and spirit and with common sense and moral, healthy kind of social relationships. Finery is typically at least 1000 times more complex than basic things and cannot be reached without the basic level of skill and diligence.
Finery presupposes a healthy kind of life. While some try to reach fine things by dropping everything else away, that leaves life without content and without healthy action, exercise, stimuli, capacity, variation, reactivity, checking against the hard reality, real meaningfulness, skills to increase.
Also when doing fine things you should carry your wehole life along instead of replacing it by some easy alternative like food and lazy life. Fine things are like an accent to your life's other things. They are not something to be cultivated separately.
Finery is for the most skilled. If you do not succeed with the basic level, do not try finery. You do not need to succeed perfectly with the basic level though, you just need to be able to carry it's meaningfulness along. That menas also it's kriterions of good quality, to which you can add those of the finery.

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