sunnuntai 2. elokuuta 2015

Teenage and individuality

As far as I know, in Finland when one is 13, oe starts to be adult or more like starts to be a teen. One does some small sounding things then that are important for growing up. One may go to movies first time with a friend, make a plastic pearl wrist decoration (that is for girls, for boys maybe a short bicycle trip with a pal - maybe for girls too, and there of course much more content to life, much more room for likings) and pick a summer head wear from an cheap things box in a shop at a resort district. In them one makes choises based on what feels nice, what is good to live with for one individually. One has some options to choose from, the deicsion does not matter overly much but is good for building individuality and one does not use so very much time for deciding. So one has learned to make individual decisions based on likings aiming for what is good to live with for oneself.
In the age of 14 on tries adult's clothes and sees what it is like and how one would oneself repair the choices to gain more room to live in. If there were not the positive experiences of the age 13, it would just be a role forced upon onself, but now it is gaining experience in order to make individual choices that are good for oneself.
At 15 one is able to choose an adult imago based on what professions one admires and in which ways one is active character. And for the first time choose the adult's clothes for oneself to fit that dream future course in life and working life and hobbies.
It is like this for Finnish speaking Finns, as far as I know. But Swedish speaking Finns unwisely skip the age 13 and so they end up being not so much with individual freedom, which is a great pity in my opinion. Even if one fails sometimes when trying things on one's own for the first time, that is just because one needs experience in many things and needs to listent o one's own rythm to make choises that make sense in practice. So even if the beginning would be with some failures, the successes make it worth the effort anyway. Such skills are needed for life! One needs to be able to be an individual at the same time as working well as a part of the society.
At 16 one gains more experience in going one's own way. Maybe one should then aim for freedom in practise, even if overcoming some rules. At 17 I guess that one would need a study or work place in a profession of one's own choise.
It would be good to know that parents choose their neighbourhood because they considered it a good one, so many adults there may be with exactly the same likings about professions as your parents, so that going one's own roads demands more distant places and new aquiantages there.

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