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Good ways to copy from a model

One can learn  talents by copying from a model:
"As one is social, one should pay attention to the soicial influence that one gets about the other person's ways of moving and ways to do things and try to via them understand, like is natural for humans and animals, the mode (eyes, hearing, thinking, memory, body coordination, emotions, atmospheres, social things,...) and way (rhythm, structure,...) of doing. Via learning these balances of divisions of attention and effort one can learn the ways of doing of the other person and so her/his  talents and skills. By making a combination of these two ways to live, one's own and that of the other person, by using the unified understanding of both, one can combine the good sides of both and leave those bad sides away for which the other one has strengths to replace them with.  "

Often when one copies from a model, many copy too much, kind of trying to copy the personality or personal style, like in a sexual affair or when acting. But such causes just a vcounter reaction: one wants to distance the influence from the ways of the other one and so one loses her/his good sides too and is maybe left with a hate toward the superior. Instead one should just maybe once a week, if one is still in the learning phace, maybe for a half a minute pay attention to some video clip of that person or the like and try to see how her/his skills are build: what is the role of looking, the role of thought, memory, spontaneity, different types of feelings, etc and from them deduce what one needs to learn in order to learn that skill. And then just contemplate the skill, not copying the person anymore, maybe for some minutes tyring it out and practising. So one's direction of development is with just a few minutes a week toward learning the skills and talents instead of the hate and sabotage produced by copying more closely and with lots of time and acting.

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